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I have tried to present the story in a logical and linear way. The census returns offer an interesting way of contextualising the events. After scratching in earlier centuries the 19th Century provides more certain information with more accessible documentation.

1841 Census

Using the census returns I have tried to map the movements of the important family players. In 1841 the Trenears and the Harveys were 15 years away from marriage of Jane and John and were possibly unaware of each other.

Lafrowda Place John Trenear
Capt John’s son and his family
Elizabeth Trenear
John Trenear
Arscot Trenear
Lafrowda Place Jane Trenear
Capt John’s widow and two daughters. John Williams is presumably a relative of Jane (nee Williams)
Martha Trenear
Jane Trenear
John Williams

Table 1 from the 1841 Census

The transcription of the 1841 census doesn’t give precise addresses so I can’t say if all the above were under one roof on census day. However these were the descendants of Capt John who had died in 1837. At this time Elizabeth was with her husband running the Star Inn, Fore St St Just. Captain John’s son Asket, who would have been 20, is not living at the house.

The table below shows John’s family had increased by the time he embarked for Australia in September 1848. John’s son Ascott died at sea from some unknown illness. The ship, “The William Money” carried around 300 passengers. 11 of these – including Ascott died during the 106 days at sea. There was considerable trouble on the ship because the matron accidently poisoned and killed one of the passengers which suggests the health care might not have been all one would have expected even for those times. Read the account here.

Trenear John 35
  Elizabeth 30
  John 10
  Ascott 8 - died at sea
  Agnes 3
  Mary 1

Table 2 Passenger list of the William Money 1849

Click here for an extract about the trip from another family history.

Table 3 below shows a seven year old John Harvey living at Kenidjack.  If all the dates are correct, he is the one who some years later married the 10 year old Jane Trenear in table 1. John was probably already working by then and would have had no time for schooling. When he married he could not write his name.

Kenidjack Peter Harvey - Tin Miner
Mary Harvey
Christiana Harvey
Celia Harvey
John Harvey
Peter Harvey
Amelia Harvey

Table 3 from the 1841 Census

Forward to 1851....

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