Moving to St Just




I cannot say how long Capt John stayed in Mexico but it could not have been too long because he returned in time to make an impact on mining in St Just. After the death of his first wife and before the marriage to his second, He moved from Truthwall to Carallack Lane in St Just to the house shown below. The house has had some modernization since this photo was taken in 1983 but would still be recognizable to John although I am not sure what he would make of the Sky TV dish that adorns the place today. When he moved to Carallack the house stood on its own a little distance from the town. Today it is completely swallowed up by other buildings

Views from Carn Bosaverne on the edge of town. On the top a very early view and below a modern view. Click on the pictures to see the very big panoramas these were taken from

- The Trenear-Harveys of St Just-in-Penwith -