The Family of Jane Trenear and John Harvey




Asket TJ1

Asket was born at the Star Inn on 28 November 1857. At the age of 21 he married Louisa Matthews. They had 4 children John born 1879, William born 1880, Nanny born 1882 but who lived only 5 months, and Asket born 1883.

My grandfather, William HarveyTK1, carried this picture around with him in his wallet. He said it was of his father - that is AsketTJ1.

Uncle Tom, who gave me the picture, could not remember which one was Asket and who the other person was.

Fortunately Aunt Phyllis did remember and she confirmed my own feeling that he is the one on the left. He reminds me of someone although I can't say who. Perhaps it is just a general family resemblance.


The family lived at Nancherrow Terrace. Asket was a butcher and a miner but also kept the pub at Botallack for a time. As there is only one pub there it must be the Queens Arms. He eventually joined other St Just miners in the exodus to South Africa where he worked at Wemmer Mine near Johannesburg. Like most miners he followed the work available and the pay was considerably better than that available in Cornwall. The Royal Cornwall Gazette, 4th Jun 1886 has this entry recording his death. -


He died there aged about 33. His widow married William Bennetts some years later and she died in 1915.

Asket and Louisa


william William was also born at the Star Inn St Just. He married an Elizabeth Jane Veale. He was a wheelwright with Holmans at Tregeseal. He went off to fight in the Boer War and was interned for a time.
Unfortunately he caught malaria and had pleurisy and pneumonia which weakened his general health.

He kept the Market Inn in Penzance and his daughter Elizabeth Jane (to become known to everyone as Aunt Janie) was born there. He died around the age of 33. He also had two sons, William and John.

Aunt Janie who died in the early 1980's aged around 90 gave me this picture. She said it was of her father William.

I met Aunt Janie only two or three times and it was she who gave me the description of Elizabeth HillTH3 and Martha TrenearTH5 - both of whom she remembered well.

The newspaper cutting from the
“Cornishman” records her birthday


Elizabeth JaneTJ5

The first Elizabeth Jane died in her first year and the second one arrived two years later. Elizabeth Jane married William Bolitho Veale in 1886 and had two sons called Bolitho and Sydney.
She also had two daughters one of whom was called Elizabeth Honour Jane and for some reason moved to Kingsbridge where she spent the rest of her life.

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