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The legacy of Capt John's achievements provided enough fragments to give some colour to what otherwise might have been a simple family tree. Jane's legacy was the obvious pride she had in her father's name which has carried on down to the present day. Trenears are still being christened. The pride continued and so the story was kept. Had she not given the name to her children I would have had difficulty continuing a line beyond her life as the Harvey line is almost impossible to follow.

Jane married John Harvey, the son of Peter Harvey, miner, on 23rd May 1856. John was an illiterate miner who could not write his name. As was normal in these circumstances he just made a cross on the marriage certificate. Following her mother's example before her she produced her eldest son, John, five months later on 10th October. Her second son Asket arrived on the 28th November the following year. She then had a girl, Elizabeth Jane in 1859 who died three months later. At the time of the 1881 census Jane and John lived at Nancherrow Tce with Asket. Her son John, then aged 4, was staying with his aunt Martha and grandmother Jane at Carallack.

Jane and John's children were born in the Star Inn and by 1871 Jane and John were running the pub. After John died Jane and her new husband ran it for a few years.

William arrived in 1861 and Elizabeth Jane in 1864. There was a practice, which today might be considered morbid, of naming the next child of the appropriate sex after a child who had died in infancy.


John Harvey was born on October 29th 1836 and his father was Peter Harvey. I haven't found details of his family but the 1841 census shows a Peter and Mary Harvey living at Kenidjack with three daughters and two sons - one of whom is a John aged 7. This actually makes him two years too old but there is the possibility that as John was uneducated his family as a whole may also have been uneducated and perhaps they were not sure of their children's ages. They certainly would have had difficulty filling in forms.

John and Jane's first son, John, died in 1868 before reaching his 12th birthday. John the father died eight years later on December 30th 1876 aged 40. Jane re-married in 1878 to a farmer called John Rowe shortly after her 50th birthday. She died six years later on 26th August 1884 and was buried three days later. Jane died an unpleasant death. She suffered from cirrhosis and for five days before her death endured epilepsy and phrenitis - an inflamation of the brain. Asket, her son, was with her when she died.

Whether or not Jane's condition was a consequence of her long association with the Star can only be a matter for speculation.

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Headstone 1

Jane, John, and their son John are buried in the extension to the old graveyard at St Just Church. The grave is the fourth on the right as you enter.

The inscription reads:-

In memory of
John T Harvey
Born June 10th 1856
Died Feb 18th 1868
John Harvey
Born Oct 29th 1836
Died Dec 30th 1876
And of Jane his widow
and wife of
John Rowe
Born June 20th 1830
Died Aug 26th 1884

The photo above was taken around 1980. Compare it with the one on the right taken when I visited it in 2004. Covered in lichen, almost unreadable, and become very unstable.


- The Trenear-Harveys of St Just-in-Penwith -