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Fore St - St Just in Penwith

The Star Inn - on the left of the picture above - features in this history from 1841 to 1995. Some of our family lived there and some were born there. Of much less importance is the story that John Wesley stayed there. I hope his breakfast was as good as mine was when I stayed there.

St Just is integral to this history as is mining. The following paragraph about St Just was lifted off the Internet.

Originally a small medieval churchtown, St Just grew into the principal centre of the old mining area, with growth dependent on the industry since at least the 17th century. The rapid expansion of the 1830s created a boom town, with rows of cottages laid out on a fixed plan that make it more like a northern English industrial town than any other settlement in the area. With a market developed by the 17th century, the industrial period saw increasing development of the commercial and service sectors in the town, along with religious and educational establishments. Even after the failure of local mines in the 1860s, St Just continued to provide and even expand these facilities for the wider area, and is still the main population and service centre west of Penzance.

To read about living conditions for the Cornish miner click here. Rev Buller's "A Statistical Account of St Just in Penwith" 1842 is also interesting. A digital copy can be read here. Uncle Tom said that all the boys read R M Ballantyne's "Deep Down" which was considered to be a well researched novel set in St Just and Botallack.

"A Virtual Walk Around The St Just Area” by Sandra and George Pritchard gives lots of local information as do their extracts from the West Briton which I have included. "The Sexton's Book" gives an amazing insight into the harsh realities of life at the end of the 19th Century. "A Cornish Shopkeeper's Diary 1843" by Richard Grylls gives colour to the daily life of St Just in the mining days.

This gallery shows a collection of old postcards of the area along with some recent pictures.

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