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Capt JohnTJ1 finished his mining career at Levant Mine which was to become one of the most famous in Cornwall. It was a successful mine and was another where the levels extended for some distance under the sea. It had a special device called a man engine which was used for taking men up and down the mine. This consisted of a long rod which moved up and down about 12 feet at a time. The men would stand on a platform and get off when it reached the top of its stroke, wait for it to go down and then get on the next platform and be lifted another 12 feet. It was rather cumbersome but a vast improvement on climbing ladders after a full days labour. Unfortunately as the mine declined there was less money to spend on maintenance and the engine collapsed in 1919 killing 31 men. Click on the image below to see an animation of the man engine. Levant1
ManEngine Levant2
Levant3 Levant4

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