I would suggest downloading and printing - or at least opening - the simplified family tree. It can be printed at A3 or A4 size. To help follow the story I have given the names a reference number. e.g.TA1 The first letter indicates either Trenear or Harvey and the second one the generation. The principal ancestor is given the number one. On the simplified family tree the each generation keeps it's own colour.

Family Tree PDF 700k

You can see, or download a much more detailed version of the tree here. I have trimmed off the last two generations but I would be pleased to email family members a copy of the full version .

The most detailed information is available on-line at GenoPro. You will need a password which I will send to any family member wanting one. It has all the information you need to work out who's who on Facebook! It does, however have a lot of information personal to my immediate family so you need to ignore that.

Genopro is quite an easy program to use and it is free - unless you want to store data on their server. If you would like your own copy of the Family Tree to play around with and to adapt it for yourself you can download it here. Installation is straightforward but you can read instructions here. Having installed it email Colin and ask for a copy of the data file. Open it and be amazed.

The link below is for the cock and warrior images used on the banner.

Family Devices (Pictures)

If you use Google Earth download and run this file which will show places of family interest around St Just.

GoogleEarth image of St Just

You will need Acrobat Reader from here and and Winzip from here. Both are free downloads

- The Trenear-Harveys of St Just-in-Penwith -