Asket and Louisa






Nothing much is known of John except that he went to America and was never heard of again.


Like his father Asket went to Johannesburg where he married and had a daughter. When returning to South Africa from a visit to Cornwall his ship was torpedoed. Unfortunately he was taking with him one third of the teaset belonging to Capt John which of course was lost. Before setting off again he was given another third. The remainder of the tea set apparently is kept by my Aunt Phyllis who is the daughter of Asket's brother WilliamTK1. Asket survived the disaster by clinging to an upturned boat.

Whilst updating these notes (June 2004), I came across an internet request from a Gregory Asket Hutchinson in South Africa wanting to find information about his Great Grandfather Asket T Harvey.

I was pleased to be able to help with information and from him I discovered that Asket had married an Annie Catherine De Voss and they had a daughter called Maude Louisa Harvey (b:15 May 1911 and d:12 Jan 1992). I hope more information will follow.


The surviving part of the teaset.

Nanny TK3 died as a very small child

William TK1

William is the next ancestor to follow. Read about him here.

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